A Baker’s Journey

R A W  &  R E A L

As I begin my journey into the baking industry, I don’t want to forget where I’ve come from and the journey I have taken to get to where I am today. I refer to my previous blog post where I told you my story and start of becoming a baker. I’m grateful for where I’ve come from. It has taken me a while to be thankful for my past and come to peace with it. But it doesn’t just end there.


Baking involves using raw ingredients that can be overall bad for your body if consumed. You don’t eat raw eggs or squirt vanilla extract straight into your mouth. Ew. No, you see, in baking you take those raw ingredients and combine them together to make a finished product. Without the raw ingredients, you couldn’t have made a real product.

As I think of this analogy, I see how this relates to my life.
How can someone be truly real without working through the rawness of themselves? 

What I mean is this: We all have a past. A good one. A bad one. Or even just an average one. Without acknowledging where we’ve come from and how we’ve gotten to be where we are today, how are we going to grow? We have to sift through the hardships of our past to truly live in the present and for the future. But we shouldn’t be stuck in the raw past – though I do love eating raw chocolate chip cookie dough from time to time. We should be moving towards the goal and ultimate end of our lives – a warm, delicious cookie with a cold glass of milk.

Now I know that our ultimate end is not to be a chocolate chip cookie. Duh. But the point I’m working towards is this: the past is a lesson for our future. In baking, if I mess up a recipe I can remake it again. I’ll lose valuable time having to make it again but I learned a lesson to make the recipe right and maybe even better! In life, we don’t have the remake option. We are stuck with the decisions we make but we can learn from those decisions. So why not be real with ourselves now, looking at our rawness and embracing it?  Kneading it together and turning it into something real for ourselves and others to enjoy?


This isn’t something that is easy. This isn’t something that happens overnight. Things take work and time. But I’m just going to tell you now, it’s totally worth the work you put into it.

Even if you have to wait a while to try the finished product.

With love,
Brooke Elizabeth


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